We had the pleasure of photographing Haile sister (Jessica) and her family during one of our Fall family mini shoots that we host each year. Haile and John saw the shoot that we did for sister and then requested to have a consultation with Eddie and I. During our consultation we noticed that Haile and John really have an attraction to the vintage time area. Through further conversation she mentioned that she likes to collect vintage furniture and from that moment Eddie and I had the idea to photograph their engagement session in a very vintage style in or around a vintage airplane since John was a former Air Force pilot. They both really liked that idea and that's what inspired this shoot. We love to photograph weddings in Dallas, but we also want to be considered Fort Worth Wedding photographers as well, so we ere ecstatic to learn that their wedding would take place in Fort Worth at of the most historic homes called The Ball-Eddleman McFaland House. 

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Jenny and I, just fell in love with Alex and Liz from the moment we met them. As Dallas and Fort Worth wedding Photographers it's always refreshing and fun to photograph around Dallas staple attractions like new Winspear Opera House.
Alex and Liz, wanted their photo-shoot to incorporate clean lines, modern , architectural, but lively with their emotions. It was nice for Jenny and I, to think outside the box and create something very unique and special for them.
We very much look forward to photographing their wedding, which will be held at the beautiful Rosewood Crescent Hotel!

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Ashley says: Saturday, March 16, 2013, 10:32 PM

Love it. Liz & Alex are soo cute and sweet! So glad they hired you for their big day. These photos are awesome.

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