You looked absolutely amazing on your wedding day! Jenny and I, were really impressed with how beautiful everything turned out! We, also wanted to give some props to the folks at the Aldredge House,, they really helped out tremendously to make sure everything was as effortless as can be, the day of your wedding! Well done, Aldredge House!

One thing that I will always remember from your wedding is your effortless smile, and it really shows in a lot of your pictures. Whenever Adam gets mad, just give him a smile, and im sure that will cheer him up! Adam, congrats on your new marriage, we, wish both of you a truly amazing life journey! If you guys are ever in our neck of the woods, and we don't get a phone call, someone is going to be really upset! I hope you guys enjoy this blog post , keep in touch!


jenny and eddie

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Taylor, WOW! Your session turned out amazing!!! You look graceful, ravishing, vintage, clean lines, ok now I feel like that guy from Dancing with the Stars! But, seriously, you bridal session turned out to be absolutely perfect! Thank you so much to your maid of honor for helping Jenny and I out the day of your shoot. Jenny and I want to also extend a HUGE hug to your mom, for all her help that she has provided in these past few months. Also, thanks for letting us use the vintage trunks, cant wait to do out family pictures with baby MATEO !!!

With Love,

Eddie + Jenny

taylorL01.jpg taylorL02.jpg taylorL03.jpg taylorL04.jpg taylorL05.jpg taylorL06.jpg taylorL07.jpg taylorL08.jpg taylorL09.jpg taylorL10.jpg taylorL11.jpg taylorL12.jpg taylorL13.jpg taylorL14.jpg taylorL15.jpg
Taylor Sawyers says: Wednesday, October 20, 2010, 10:03 PM

Jenny and Eddy...

What an honor it has been to work with the two of you this past year. You both have made this experience so special for me and my entire family. Thank you for your time and dedication that you have put into each session. Ya'll are such a perfect fit for me,and I can't wait to celebrate my big day with you!!! Much love to both of you! :)

Jennifer Claire says: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 11:40 PM

Ummmm. Amazing. This is the epitome of what a bride should look like- pure glamour and oh so rich. Love every.single.detail.

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