Met Doris and Jeffery! They were married at the Perot Museum of Natural History in Downtown Dallas. We meet up with the Doris and Jeffery at the beautiful Joule Hotel right in the heart of downtown Dallas to photograph them both getting ready for the big day ahead. After they were dressed we made our way to the roof top of the Joule Hotel were we photographed their first look.

The first look was very special for Doris, and the Joule Hotel was always where she had envisioned seeing Jeffery for the very first time.

The Perot Museum also provided a breathtaking backdrop for the day of her wedding. As a Dallas photographers it was an absolute dream to photograph such beautiful couple at one of the most architectural structures in Dallas, Texas.

DorisJefferyL01b.jpg DorisJefferyL02.jpg DorisJefferyL03.jpg DorisJefferyL05.jpg DorisJefferyL06.jpg DorisJefferyL07.jpg DorisJefferyL08.jpg DorisJefferyL09.jpg DorisJefferyL10.jpg DorisJefferyL11.jpg DorisJefferyL12.jpg DorisJefferyL13.jpg DorisJefferyL14.jpg DorisJefferyL15.jpg DorisJefferyL16.jpg DorisJefferyL17.jpg DorisJefferyL18.jpg DorisJefferyL19.jpg DorisJefferyL20.jpg DorisJefferyL21.jpg DorisJefferyL22.jpg DorisJefferyL23.jpg DorisJefferyL24.jpg DorisJefferyL25a.jpg DorisJefferyL26.jpg DorisJefferyL27.jpg DorisJefferyL28.jpg DorisJefferyL29.jpg DorisJefferyL30.jpg DorisJefferyL31.jpg
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