Amanda and Weston, Jenny and I think that your session is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Thank you guys for trusting us in a moment of panic, I think it paid off. Love, love, love, your session! When should we go to smash burger????? Catch up with you guys soon!!!!



amandaL01.jpg amandaL02.jpg amandaL03.jpg amandaL04.jpg amandaL05.jpg amandaL06.5.jpg amandaL06.jpg amandaL07.5.jpg amandaL07.jpg amandaL10.jpg amandaL11.jpg amandaL12.jpg amandaL13.jpg amandaL14.jpg amandaL15.jpg amandaL16.jpg amandaL17.jpg amandaL18.jpg
Amanda says: Wednesday, February 16, 2011, 9:17 AM

OMG! Jenny and Eddie these pictures are amazing. I love them so much!!! We had such an awesome time with yall on our shoot! Can't wait to do more with you guys!!!

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