Ahh, what more could I write about Aaron and Sumi, that they don't already know! They obviously know that they have a great set of family. For example, Aaron's dad went back to school in his later years, and recently graduated and received his doctorate for practicing medicine. As he explained, this was/is his life long passion. Im inspired by that, I could just imagine what Aaron must feel! If encouragement was ever a need, your dad Aaron is defiantly a good place to start.

They know their smart and they know they have their stuff together. In my eyes, this makes them a truly strong and capable couple! Their attitude for life is incredible, and the minutia that come with it, is second. Aaron, personality is very calm, cool and collected as Sumi is a born leader and wont take any stuff from no one, not even me J her wedding photographer!!! LOL

Honestly, one thing they may not know is how truly grateful I felt that I could participate and photograph their wedding!

On that note I must also thank my good friend Ben Q, for stepping up as my 2nd shooter from 7am to midnight, and didn't hear one complaint.

Sumi and Aaron , I hope we stay in touch for a long time, and I hope you and your family enjoy these photographs for a long time to come. Now it's your turn to pop a couple of babies, I know Aaron's ready lol! J/K

Much Love Eddie and Jenny

sumiL01.jpg sumiL02.jpg sumiL03.jpg sumiL04.jpg sumiL05.jpg sumiL06.jpg sumiL07.jpg sumiL08.jpg sumiL09.jpg sumiL10.jpg sumiL11.jpg sumiL12.jpg sumiL13.jpg sumiL14.jpg sumiL15.jpg sumiL16.jpg sumiL17.jpg sumiL18.jpg sumiL19.jpg sumiL20.jpg sumiL21.jpg sumiL22.jpg sumiL23.jpg sumiL24.jpg sumiL25.jpg sumiL26.jpg sumiL27.jpg sumiL28.jpg sumiL29.jpg sumiL30.jpg sumiL31.jpg sumiL33.jpg sumiL34.jpg sumiL36.jpg sumiL37.jpg sumiL38.jpg
Aaron Macy says: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 5:56 PM

Eddie, you now can say you have survived an Indian Wedding and everything that comes with it. I hope you had a blast at the week long celebration. Sumi and I appreciate everything you did and all the time you spent away from your son and wife in order to capture our wedding. The pics are really awesome. Now that everything is settled, Sumi and I are coming over for drinks and chilling at the pool! Take care and all the best,
- Aaron

Sumi says: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 8:33 PM

You and Ben have done a wonderful job w the pictures. I love how you have captured our personalities in the Hindu ceremony pictures. My personal fav at 1st glance is the one where we're connect w the string, yet in our own world looking over and talking each of our families :)
Now that you've teased me w this preview, I hope you dont make us wait long for the rest of them. I can't wait! Stop playing w Mateo and get me my pics!!! :) PS - you need to send me some pics of the lil man.

Sumi says: Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 8:38 PM

PS - way to capture the classic indian bride pic where the indian photographer makes the bride pretend to put her earrings on! You might just make it in the indian scene my friend!

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